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Alexis Ralaivao for Kasmin Gallery, New York.

His work is held in institutional collections in the United States and abroad, including the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas; the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami; Musée des Beaux Arts de Rennes, France; Powerlong Museum, Shanghai, China; and the He Art Museum, China.

MoreSport Switzerland

Documenting Italian sculptor Paolo Migliazza's artistic research since 2016.

Documenting Elena Menini’s artwork at L’Ariete artecontemporanea, Bologna

Documenting Marco Mandorlini’s artworks
Marco Mandorlini at Studio Cellida, Bologna

The Greatest Magazine - Sight & Smell, On Nomadism and Memories

Pepsi portrayed for Caucaso Factory. Pepsi is an individual in sexual transition looking for a stable job as a caregiver. Former member of MILF, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front active in an island of southern Philippines, she escaped from her country to work as a nurse for over 10 years in Gaddafi’s Libya. Because of gender discrimination, she has been forced to join the flow of refugees.

Shelter - Farewell to Eden / Documentary 81' Italy/France 2019 by Caucaso Factory

Pierfrancesco Santin is a passionate cyclist deeply embedded in both the professional and alternative cycling scenes.
Shooting for Pierfrancesco Santin, ultra-endurance cyclist based in Italy and supported by GTS Sports Austria and Geosmina Components.

Shooting for 
MoreSport Switzerland

Shooting for 
MoreSport Switzerland

Astronave Lab offers to young girls and boys with disabilities an opportunity for work experimentation, placing them in a creative, protected and stimulating context. The laboratory is managed by professionals who aim to bring the technical and artistic gaze to the educational one, offering a space for individual and group growth.