Although it is imagined that sudden and strong gusts of wind can destabilize their trajectory, birds always manage to keep their flight stable. Their body has evolved to be able to support it. The wind becomes a light rustle that surrounds them - never being overwhelmed - making them free to move.
In the same way, a dancer moves freely in the surrounding space, following the music and showing the feeling of freedom, which is inherent in each of us, human or animal, a feeling that must not be neglected.
Flight and dance intersect,  making space and time their own, and telling each other not only as a metaphor for freedom but also for life itself, inviting the viewer to go higher and higher.

In a work halfway between the private performance and the happening, the body moves on the notes and their vibrations, allowing itself to be transported lightly. Change the movement, but not its suspension.

As in the happening, the public (in this case observer and user of the image) loses the role of stranger, immersing themselves in the work. The ultimate action, performed by the artist/dancer, does not take place in conventional places but where the public discovers her movements from time to time.
An interdisciplinary combination of arts, such as Rosa Lacavalla’s photography, Silvia Baldo’s dance, and Hernán Paulitti’s music, blend and intertwine giving rise to a breakthrough gesture that breaks the viewer’s mental habits.

A gesture that actually takes place in defined spaces and times and which, however, is transformed thanks to the subjective experience of the public, which makes it their own by imagining a new work from time to time.
︎︎︎ Please listen to the track and drag the images to create your own experience.

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