Self published fanzine
Limited edition of 10 copies hand binded,
signed and numbered
Photography and design © Rosa Lacavalla
115 x 210 mm / 28 pages
Soft cover, simple binding 
Published in 2020


Structured as a small book of poetry, this edition leaves free interpretation, without revealing the story being told. The light paper that rests on some of the images making them evanescent allows the viewer to enter a state of a distant memory. The edges of the pages are jagged like the waves of that sea so remembered by the protagonists of the narration and to whom the book is dedicated.

As the simple tones, and also the extreme brevity of lines, of a haiku leave room for a void full of suggestions that unite in a trace that is up to the reader to complete, so Si vedeva il mare puts itself in the same condition as a poem not finished that must be finished by the reader.

Si vedeva il mare is a haiku, a kind of meditation that conveys a nostalgic feeling that should be able to be expressed in a single breath.

Copyright © Rosa Lacavalla